Dynamic Events Earns ‘Healthiest Companies of Southwest Washington’ Award

Studies continue to show that good health practices at work create a more productive and efficient environment with less absenteeism, proving that the “daily grind” doesn’t have to be a grind. The Vancouver Business Journal’s 2016 Healthiest Companies of Southwest Washington Awards Reception and Showcase on October 18, recognized 13 local companies, including Dynamic Events!

Dynamic’s unofficial motto is “There’s no such thing as work/life balance; there’s just this one life, and we just happen to live some of it here in our office.”

A myriad of enviable benefits support healthy living at this professionally-focused event planning organization. Three one-hour professional fitness training sessions and one one-hour yoga session are offered each week in their on-site gym. These occur during business hours so that fitness time doesn’t interfere with outside social and personal time. Quarterly health assessments are also conducted for all participants by the fitness trainers. A fully-stocked kitchen complete with healthful foods and beverages; two on-site napping pods and a wetlands walking trail are also provided.
Dynamic Events believes that recreation can only happen through an appropriate amount of down time. As a result, a minimum two-week vacation policy over and above their offices being closed for the week of Thanksgiving and two weeks during the December holidays means five weeks of paid time off each year.

The first $500 that employees deposit into their Flexible Spending Account is matched by the company and remote employees are given $300 per year for exercise options in lieu of on-site training.

Other incentives include Fitbits to monitor activity while at work-related conferences; $35 per month of “morale money” to use toward a team building activity and annual event participation in things like whitewater rafting and Warrior Dash competitions.

As a result of employee input in Dynamic’s workplace wellness program, more yoga classes will be added in 2017. The company believes happy employees that feel valued as a result of real investments into their health pay dividends in a strong morale and company loyalty.

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