Imagine the difference between the Indio Dessert and your living room… Coachella might be a tough one to recreate digitally, but impactful and innovative content doesn’t have to be. Going digital is a powerful way to spotlight your thought leaders and to close the physical gap between like-minded peers to generate new ideas for a future that needs them.

The absence of flashy booths, covetable swag, and enticing activations in a physical space opens the door for more thoughtful, poignant, and purposeful content delivery that adds a different kind of value to your attendees. Going digital means a production where your speakers and your content are the stars. Through experienced coaching and active behind the scenes support, your stars can take the big screen and be ready for “action”!


Understanding your event objectives will be the foundation to establishing your content strategy. Your content strategy, your sessions types, and the tools you use will determine the engagement of your audience. Be mindful of your audience type and what is valuable to them. Breakout sessions, poster sessions, birds of a feather groups, and panel discussions- are just a few different physical experiences that translate into equally, if not more, impactful digital experiences.


You may already know them- they are your veteran speakers, your super-bowl half-time performers, and your Oscar winners. Those are your spotlight speakers. But what about your rising stars? Untapped potential can be highlighted through a digital event where those who thrive in digital storytelling can also take the stage. A digital call for speakers is not new to our world, but digital storytelling can open the doors for a wide pool of new content creators.


You have your event objectives determined, content strategy in place, and your cast selected- it’s time to get your story straight. Making sure your content is curated, cohesive, and consistent is important to your digital attendee experience. Taking a larger than life stage and taking it to the 23inch desktop monitors of your attendees takes thoughtful digital content creation, captivating visuals, demos, and brand cohesion. Your speakers should understand the event objectives and help to represent your brand through their content.


It takes a village. Make sure your speakers feel ready and supported on the technical stuff so they can focus on the speaking stuff. Avoid the awkward silence and the “the video isn’t playing” moments, by rehearsing with your speakers, doing digital tech checks, ensuring they have the proper connection and equipment and aren’t left on their own to speak, manage the virtual room, and troubleshoot technical difficulties.

For more tips and and tricks from experts- check out this webinar featuring Jamie Timperley on how to Effectively Train Your Speakers for Virtual Events.


While a glam squad my not be necessary for your speakers, there are a few cosmetic efforts that can be made to their space that can impact the value of their sessions. A natural or branded background, forward facing lighting, and consistency in attire can help enhance your audiences engagement with the speaker, establish your brand, add credibility to your sessions, and avoid the viral “t-shirt turned green screen” moments.


Whether you’re streaming live or pre-recording, making sure that you have the goals in mind, your teams in place, and your speakers primed will ensure that your digital event can be a summer blockbuster hit. Your speakers will feel prepared to lead and encourage intentional dialogue, your attendees from all walks of life will feel connect, and you will have in your hands the tools and content to continue telling your story beyond time and distance.


What is a summer blockbuster hit? Going digital means access to attendee metrics unlike ever before. Where physical tracking can be in accurate and difficult to manage, when you go digital, you are able to determine what your success metrics are and leverage tools that help you get valuable post event speaker evaluations, audience insights, and data in hand to determine your next event strategy.


So, what about the details? Time zone and scheduling management, call for speaker processes, speaker training, and session catalog publishing? If you’ve got the big picture, don’t sweat the small stuff. Dynamic Event has been at the forefront of content and speaker management and our team of experts can help you ensure your audience gets the most out of your digital event experience.