Over the last few years, we’ve been laser focused on growing our team and executing events, and admittedly our engagement with our online blog platform has fallen to the wayside. Our last blog post was in 2018 and it’s now 2020, so it’s seems like a re-introduction might be in order. Hi, I’m Jamie Timperley, CEO, and we’re Dynamic Events.

We started 2020 with goals of growing smarter, of investing in our team and professional development, and of taking the time to make data driven business decisions with sustainability in mind.

It’s now April 2020 and everything has changed. Like everyone, our lives, our industry, and our world has been blindsided and turned upside by COVID-19. As a company, we have had to shift our focus and resolve that our new goal was not to sustain, but to survive. There is no handbook of “what to do in a pandemic” and nothing could have quite prepared us for the decisions we’ve had to make and the challenges we’ve faced. However, in this time, I’ve learned to lean on my amazing leadership team and their guidance and perspective; I’ve learned to mirror the compassion and understanding of our incredible team; and I’ve learned to rely on the generosity of my mentors who never hold back on sharing their knowledge. We haven’t made it to the other side yet, but we’ve learned so much and come so far.

That’s why we’re picking up our pen, as it were, and jump starting our blog again! We know there are others out there, small businesses, event planners, and customers looking for new ideas, best practices, and helpful guidance during times when it seems like we’re all building the plane while it’s flying. We don’t have all the answers, but we want to share with you what we know and what we’ve learned so far.

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be updating this blog with guidance around digital event execution, everything from content management and speaker readiness to how to create a digital expo floor. We’ll also share what we’ve learned as a company navigating unpredictable times. We hope that these resources will help you in our journey, and that you too will share your learnings with us!

So here’s to brighter horizons, to staying home, and to resetting the password to this blog! 

– Jamie