Six Benefits of Holding a User Conference

User conferences are growing in popularity due to the increase of unique programs and products that have fought their way to the forefront of the ever-changing world of technology. Do you have a brand or a product that is unique and sets you apart from your competitors? Let people know! The benefits of a user conference may be greater than you realize.

  • 1. Build a community
    There is no greater community than one that is comprised of relationships built on your brand and your product. Bringing together the minds of people who have used your product, know your product, and support your product can establish respect, loyalty, and lifelong relationships. Even in today’s fast paced world, no one can deny the power of a handshake and face time with your customers. User conferences helps your customers understand the people behind the product, and helps you understand the people in front of it.
  • 2. Share your expertise
    That’s right, you’re the expert! When you hold your own user conference, there is no one better to display and demonstrate your product than you. Take the opportunity to teach users the best way to optimize their experience. All eyes are on you and that’s a good thing.
  • 3. Learn from your users
    There is no better opportunity to collect honest feedback from an audience that knows your product. Your customers have feedback, they want to be heard, and they want to help. Grow your product alongside your customer base. Forget the questions and comments section, answer their questions and address their concerns, real time. User conferences often include a “Best Practice” session, where innovators and leaders will listen to the feedback of their customers and take their suggestions to heart.
  • 4. Set your business apart from competitors
    Show your customers you care enough to invest in your product and in them. Word will get around. User conference buzz is much like Oscar Buzz but with less red carpet and less disappointment.
  • 5. Celebrate
    Say thank you to your customers! There is no greater way to show appreciation than celebrating WITH your customers. Show them you value their time and feedback by providing them with an experience like no other. They’ll want to come back year after year.
  • 6. Return on investment
    Money invested means lifelong customers established. A user conference does not need to be a big budget Hollywood production, but time and resources are needed to execute a successful user conference. Best case scenario? You will break even for your first few user conferences. You will gain most in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Event marketers have reported an ROI of 5:1. User conferences help your customers use your tools better. Proficiency will result in increased levels of satisfaction. Feedback from your users will result in improved product development, which will then result in increased levels of satisfaction.

Costs analysis The costs to execute a user conference can be compared to your current cost of acquiring a new customer. How much time is your company investing in acquiring ONE new customer? Does it outweigh the cost of holding a user conference with the potential of acquiring SEVERAL new customers in a span of two to three days? What is the lifetime of your average customer? Will increased proficiency and custom developments to your product elongate that lifespan? Yes.

When should you hold your user Conference? Do you have 80 to 100 customers? Well, then it’s time to hold your first user conference. That number is a great base to build your community from. You can gather feedback and information from a wide range of users on all the different ways they use your products.

What should you know before your first user conference? There is a lot more involved than you may think.

  • Budget – a realistic budget is key to a successful user conference. Understanding what your company can invest determines the scale of the experience you can build. The numbers add up quickly when you consider the venue, food and beverage, furniture rentals, decorators, AV, and giveaways. There is an experience for every budget, and there’s one just for you.
  • Logistics – working alongside vendors comes with its challenges. No matter the size of the event, there are always many moving pieces and many players that culminate into one successful event. Logistics impacts the attendee experience greatly, and nothing speaks to attendee experience like a flawless execution.

Overwhelmed? Good news – the team at Dynamic Events isn’t! We are experts in the field of meeting planning. We care just as much about your user conference as we do for our events with 23,000 attendees. Tell us your vision and we will work alongside you to bring it to life. From budgeting to planning to logistics – we’ve got this!